Do you support the extension of the Purple Line down Wilshire?

In LA there are talks of extending the purple line subway down Wilshire to the beach. What do other LA people feel about this? yes it is greener, and cheaper, but many people fear it will lower the status of the Westside…and coming from Chicago I must admit that I have to agree with them. mass Transit allowed some pretty scary people to travel around all over the city…



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    This is a good question. I do support the Wilshire “Subway to the Sea,” as well as the “Expo Line.” Although I understand the concerns you raise about making the beach and other westside neighborhoods in LA more accessible to people from higher crime neighborhoods, I think this concern is greatly outweighed by the other benefits the trains would bring. IMO, gridlock is not a smart anti-crime policy. Gridlock is a detriment to society and results in increased pollution, wasted time, and wasted opportunities. If there is a concern that the trains will bring more crime to the westside, this is a particular issue that should be addressed through increased police activity and other anti-crime measures, not a reliance on the unsustainable status quo.

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      See i used to agree with that when i lived in Chicago. I was like “how could those people think that way?”

      But now that I’m in LA I have started changing my mind. its crazy on the westside. Like you can just walk around and not really have to worry about being followed or jumped or anything. In Chicago you had to be on constant guard everywhere, so I understand where the LA people are coming from now, which has me torn on what I think

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      That is interesting that Chicago has so much crime. Have you spent much time in New York? They have an incredible public rail system and I’m not sure what the statistics on crime from people coming to a neighborhood via rail would be? I’d be interested to learn if there are any statistics on this, though.

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