Do you see a moral dilemma with using GMO trees for paper or wood burning?



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    I think the science and research behind GMO trees should definitely be explored and invested in.  There are a lot of benefits of GMO trees in terms of the economy, reforestation, and better uses.  However, side effects and consequences of planting and growing GMO trees should be closely monitored.

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    For me there is a line between selective plant breeding (e.g. what has been happening for thousands of years as farmers select for better cultivars) and combining the genetic material of different organisms. It is fascinating to me that we are capable of doing this, and I do not doubt that there can be isolated positive outcomes, but to what lengths will people go to try to maintain a lifestyle that simply is not sustainable. In a way GMO crops and trees are just a bandaid–a bandaid that has some potentially severe side-effects– for an energy and resource intensive lifestyle that cannot be sustained for much longer into the future. Is it really worth trying to see how much more we can squeeze out of this earth, rather than learning to live with less and to create rather than consume?  

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