Do you prefer dogs or cats? And why?



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    Dogs and cats are both fun pets, and different in a lot of ways. I’ve grown up with both animals, and have come to appreciate their unique personalities. Cats are very independent creatures – or so they think. They like to sit with you and cuddle and rub up against your legs, but only on their own terms. They like to play with you, with little balls or pieces of string, but if they get bored with the game, they will not listen to commands. They don’t like being told what to do, as they are not submissive creatures, but they are very capable of being respectful roommates. That’s why they’re so funny – they usually want things to go smoothly in the home, if they’re nice kitties. You have to respect a self-respecting creature.

    Dogs are undeniably lovable. They are so loyal, trusting, and good-natured. I would be lying if I said dogs weren’t my very favorite non-human creature. I’ve never had a roommate get so visibly happy and excited when I wake up in the morning or get home from work in the afternoon. They are capable of a great deal of intelligence (as are cats), but they have been conditioned for eons to follow a pack leader – namely, you, they’re provider and best friend.

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    I am personally more of a dog-lover, but living with my roommate’s cats has given me a new appreciation for cats’ unique character attributes.  I always appreciated the manifest loyalty exhibited by most dogs.  The unconditional love they show their owners, as seen in countless heroic testimonials of dogs saving and helping people, is unmatched, I think.  While there have been rare stories of cats doing such things, I find the cat less inclined to exhibit loyalty to its owners.  The cat craves affection, surely, and will rub your legs and snuggle up in your arms.  But, it doesn’t return this affection in the way a dog will lick your face. 

    If you want to discuss the cat vs. dog from a purely functional standpoint, I’d argue that dogs are far superior.  While cats hunt mice (in fact, that is why they were originially domesticated 9,000 years ago), they are not obedient creatures you can readily train to do tricks or perform functional duites, like guiding the blind.  Yet, more and more amazing duties are being performed by dogs (ex: sniffing out cancer in humans!).

    It seems to come down to the fact that because of dogs’ consistent outward displays of affection, they are more loving companions and certainly more functional friends.  Cats were not domesticated for their social acuity, whereas dogs were.  Studies show that cats can be trained, however, dogs’ larger brains mean they learn faster and more complex commands.  Their heightened socialability also means that they respond more readily to human expressions of emotion. 

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    I prefer dogs because cats give me really bad allergies. But, I think in an allergy free world I’d prefer to have a cat since they are so independent, small, and can be litter box trained.

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    I used to think I was a dog person, but then I got a cat and everything changed. I still like dogs a lot, but cats seem to have deeper and more unique personalities (in my opinion).  Almost anyone can earn a dog’s love, but the only way to win over a cat is to establish a truly special relationship.  It makes cats harder to befriend but ultimately more rewarding, because a cat’s love isn’t free. Like I said, I still really like dogs, but I think I’ll always prefer cats.

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    I prefer dogs too, for the same reason many people prefer cats – they’re unconditionally loving, playful and very intelligent. Fully admitting a strong personal bias, I would disagree that cat’s personalities are more unique – I think dogs are equally capable of having very distinct, multi-faceted personalities. I think with dogs it sometimes takes a little longer to puzzle out that uniqueness from beneath the often ubiquitous playful exterior. But as the above poster’s have eloquently expressed, I think it’s definitely a matter of personal preference – both animal species are awesome!

    My favourite dog breed, the Labrador Retriever:


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    Cats are much easier to take care of and you don’t have to walk them. However, dogs tend to be better companions and more interactive. In the end, I’d say it’s a toss up.

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    I prefer dogs, partially because I also have allergies to cats, but also because of the joy I see my dogs experience and I also experience through them.  I love watching dogs run, play, and explore.  When my dog “sleds” down a snowy slope, I can’t help but laugh. I love the “doggy dinner dance,” which involves at least two complete circles and sometimes three.  

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    i actually love dogs since they are  good for security but cats aren’t bad either.

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    I have a cat and a dog but do not pefer eithier, I just can’t decide…

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