Do you personally think that government is subsidizing green and clean energy enough?



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    In my opinion, No.  I believe that green and renewable energy has the potential to supply the world’s power demands.  Therefore the technology, development, and production of renewable energies should be equal if not surpassing the fossil fuel industry if the funding was more well distributed amongst the energy sector.  I feel that if we subsidized the renewable energy market further, this would create more jobs, cleaner energy production, and steps towards sustainable development and a sustainable planet.

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    I agree with freedomtoast. Currently our government is subsidizing fossil fuels over twice as much as they subsidize renewable energy sources. This behavior does not encourage people to change energy sources when fossil fuels are less expensive in the short term. Our government needs to make it more economical and appealing to use renewable energy if our society is shift from a reliance on dirty energy to an energy industry that is sustainable. 

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