Do you personally think that climate change is a bigger threat than terrorism and why?


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    Well, down the road a bit further I think climate change is the bigger problem, in that it is more global and permanent.

    However, part of the reason that I may not perceive terrorism as a huge threat right now is that there is security taking place behind the scenes that keeps us safe. I put my trust in that system (for now.)

    I don’t think we have such a system in place to keep climate change under control.

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    I think it’s harder to get people to care about climate change because it is not as in-your-face as terrorism can be. It will not be as easy to get people to care about the planet later when their lives feel threatened now. And that’s why climate change is probably a bigger threat–it’s there and no one seems to care or notice, but it can be major.

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      I agree however I think that eventually we will be forced to think about and care about climate change when that happens I think it will be as big as terrorism if not worse because it will be a constant force that we must deal with.

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    Terrorism has the power to drastically change the attitude of a nation and the world for worse.  The terrorist attacked on 9/11 started two wars, changed the relations between America and the rest of the world, and led to many encroachments on freedom.  Terrorists look to kill as many people as possible, and of course, instill terror. Terrorism has caused people to blindly trust some, and blindly distrust others, creating an aura of fear in the general public.

    Both are serious threats to society, but in very different respects. 

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    Definitely climate change. As far as I see it, spending trillions fighting wars with terrorists instead of investing them into green technology is like standing in the middle of a burning house trying to swat a few flies. I bet we could’ve had our entire electrical grid running off solar and wind and other renewable energy and drive around in electric cars by now if the defense budget from last few years was used with a little more outlook for the future. Terrorists do kill a few people here and there, but global warming threatens all of humanity. And, more than humanity, it threatens all other species.

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    Climate change IS the bigger threat because it affects all of us on a personal level.  We are slowly destroying our global home, and without a place where we can feel safe in the broader context of our universe, how are we supposed to feel safe at all?  No matter what political or cultural differences separate us, we all have to cooperate for the sake of our planet.  Climate change transcends any minor issues we could ever come up with.

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    I think climate change is clearly the bigger threat. Statistically, what are your chances of being killed in a terrorist incident? It depends on where you live, what you do for a living and what types of situations you get into, but even the people who will have the most high risk of being affected by a terrorist incident–say you live in a neighborhood in Baghdad where a lot of bombs go off–will be playing certain odds. On the other hand, statistically, what are your chances of being affected by climate change? 100%, unless you happen to live somewhere other than on planet Earth.

    That’s not to say that terrorism is not a serious problem with potentially catastrophic implications. For example, terrorists using a rogue nuclear weapon could destabilize the whole world and trigger any number of nightmare scenarios. But again, those are all probabilities. Climate change is a certainty. It is happening. ┬áThere is no question about it. Sea levels and temperatures are rising, crops are failing, and severe weather events such as the February 2010 East Coast blizzard and the 2005 disasters of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are just the most high-profile examples.

    My personal belief is that, in the next 100 years, the nations of the world will commit significantly more resources to fighting climate change, directly and indirectly, than to any other single project. I also believe that fighting climate change will be the single most expensive and difficult problem in the entire history of humankind. By way of comparison, thus far probably the most expensive and difficult single project in the history of humankind was World War II, which committed the virtually total resources of the most advanced economies on the planet and required the personal manpower of millions of the world’s people. But even World War II did not reach everybody–there were nations who stayed out of it–and it was a relatively short-term affair, going from start to finish in 6 years. Addressing climate change will take 20, 50, maybe 100 years and will require some level of effort (perhaps unwittingly so) from everyone on the planet, not to mention colossal expenditures from governments and private businesses in every country in the world. If you look at it in these terms, the threat of terrorism is pretty small by comparison.

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    Realistically, I believe climate change is the bigger threat. Terrorism, while real, serious and scary, is neither definite nor constant. Climate change is happening right now and all the time. Terrorism is certainly the more shocking and outrageous of these two threats, but I believe climate change is more imminent and certain. 

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    Definitely terrorism. Climate change is slow and can easily be changed if everyone would set their minds to it and compromise and all of that cliche stuff. Terrorism, on the other hand, is the immediate death of people. Those people could be on of the more important people who try to stop climate change. Heat waves hardly ever kill people, but acts of terror are hitting people around the world nearly every day.

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    In the long-run, climate change is a much bigger threat.  If the planet is not treated correctly, then no one will even be alive to deal with terrorists.  With that being said, terrorism might deserve more of a focus right now.  It has the potentiality to kill a lot of people, and without attention terrorism could easily get out of hand.

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    Climate Change anything with a global reach is a much bigger threat to the global population than terrorism. Terrorism is based on the threat of indiscriminate violence. Climate Change is a methodical change for the worse in the planet’s living conditions that is not easily reversible.

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    I think that climate change is something that is gradual and over time, I can see it being more of a problem and threat than terrorism. But in the current times we live in now, terrorism is a major threat that is present around us. Especially living in big cities, people are more alert about the threat of terrorism than climate change. 

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