Do you personally feel its dangerous to eat GMO food?



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    This is a very difficult question to answer.  In the limited research that I have done, I believe that overall, GMO foods are benefitting the world.  With 6 billion people, we have to develop a faster, smarter way of growing and developing our food supply.  Do I worry about the consequences of man interfering with nature?  Yes and no.  Man has always interfered with nature-we’ve grown crops for millions of years.  It took until the early 1960s for us to realize how damaging certain pesticides were, and we did correct course.  So my answer is that it might be dangerous to some people, but not to all.  I, personally will continue to eat GMO foods, however.

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    Personally, I think the worst thing about it how it is another corporation overtaking an industry which only they will control. The seeds are made by them and these wealthy corporations, possibly serving an export market, are likely to have the resources to purchase the inputs necessary to employ genetically engineered cultivars and hybrids. “As such, genetically engineered crops will further concentrate land and power, forcing the weak and powerless into the fragile jungles and mountain sides, posing ever greater risks not just to their own economic survival, but to biodiversity and environmental sustainability”.

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