Do you need to take vitamins and supplements to have a balanced diet?



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    Not technically, but it is difficult to keep the calorie count down and maintain all of the vitamins and nutrients your body truly needs. Most people settle for fewer nutrients than necessary in order to keep food costs down, which is where vitamins and supplments come in.

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    New research is always coming out on this matter and the answer is likely specific to each person, depending on a variety of other factors.

    The first, most important thing to do is eat a well-balanced diet. At the very least, this will reduce the number of vitamins you will take. Then talk with your doctor to determine if you have anything in your family history that may be prevented by taking a vitamin. Also, consider how active you are as you may supplement your diet with something if you unable to exercise often.

    Eating a balanced diet is the best thing you can do for your body!

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