Do you need a masters to make good money in the green industry?



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    As with any career path, it depends on what you want to do. Betting that green technology, energy and environmental-related fields will become an ever-larger sector of our economy in the future is probably a safe bet. Certainly there will be opportunities for people who are highly trained with master’s degrees in particular fields, such as electrical engineering or other disciplines that have applications to exploiting renewable energy resources, building electric cars, etc. But I wouldn’t say that sector would exclusively require a master’s level degree. Given the huge number of start-up companies out there right now experimenting with everything from solar power to generation of biofuels from algae to environmental consulting and clean-up services, companies run and begun by entrepreneurs with all levels of education, whether you need a particular level of education to “strike it rich” with a money-making green idea is anyone’s guess. There are some resources that provide information on green jobs in the future and the education necessary to get them. If you have a passion for a particular environmental issue or aspect, like marine ecosystems or alternative energy, follow your passion. If you want to get rich from a green start-up idea that will take the world by storm, your odds are probably no longer or shorter than anyone else trying to do the same.

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    I tend to agree.  With any field, it can help, but it can also be unnecessary. If there is somethingg you are passionate about, there is no better learning tool than practical work experience. There are ways to get involved with internships, and volunteering, and if you truely are interested, you can educate yourself and work hard and earn your way.  However, it depends on what you specifically want to do, as school and proper education offer opportunities that one would otherwise not receive.

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    Education and money are not positively correlated, unfortunately. There are many wealthy PhDs and high school drop-outs and poor PhDs and high school drop-outs. Getting a masters in hopes of earning a higher salary in the future is not a good idea because it is not a given. I think the key to a successful career is your enthusiasm, hardwork, skills, network and some luck. In the environmental field, the ability to understand issues from multiple perspective is really important. Try to learn as much of everything as you can, especially law and finance. Get involve in online discussions or public meetings to hear different ideas and perspectives from other people. Read the industry magazines and newspapers. Skills such as writing, speaking, time management, project management are also really really really important. Good grasp of these skills will earn you promotions! I can’t emphasize this enough. Of course graduate school can give you many opportunities to practice and hone these skills. Professors can become your mentors. Most importantly, don’t think about money too much. It will come. Don’t compare yourself with others. It will only make you unsettled and jealous. Just work hard and have fun! 

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