Do you need to eat eggs to be healthy?



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    No, it isn’t necessary to eat eggs for optimal health. Eating the right combinations of food can provide the required amount of minerals, vitamins, protein and other essential nutrients. Eggs are a particularly concentrated source of protein because they deliver all essential amino acids. Yet, eating food combinations  like bread and peanut butter or rice and beans also provides all amino acids in the right dose. As long as you make careful food choices involving a variety of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and water; exercise regularly; and make other smart health choices, you should be able to maintain health without eating eggs. 

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    Some people chose diets that do not contains eggs and are healthy. Eggs do provide many healthful benefits, however. Eggs contain B vitamins, protein, vitamin D, and other healthy nutrients. Eggs are especially good for providing protein at a low caloric cost. An important nutrient found in eggs is Choline, which maintains cell and brain health. Many people have a deficiency of choline in their bodies. People can avoid eggs in their diets, but it is important to eat foods (or supplements) that have the same nutritional benefits as eggs in order to stay healthy.

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    While you do not necessarily need to eat eggs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they are quite beneficial. For instance, eggs are rich in protein, which means that they’ll keep you feeling full and satisfied longer than cereal or toast. Because they contain a great deal of protein, eggs provide the essential amino acids we need in our diets. Choline, a nutrient found in eggs, helps in stimulating brain function and development. Eggs can also protect your eyesight – leutin and zeaxanthin, antioxidants in eggs, aid the body by protecting the eyes from UV damage. In essence, you don’t need eggs to stay healthy, but they sure do make it easier.

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    No, you do not need to eat eggs in order to be and/or stay healthy. Although eggs can provide nutrients such as protein, there are other foods that can deliver the same nutrients to your body. 

    Interestingly, a Harvard study done on people who had diets consisting of several eggs a week found that the risk of death increased for men who consumed 7 or more eggs a week. However, it should be known that in this study, the same men were also more likely to be smokers. 

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