Do you need a certain license to bike to work?



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    Certain laws may vary state to state, but I don’t know of any laws that require a license to bike in any state.  You will, however, need to learn certain rules about biking, pertaining to your city/state.  Many cities are bike friendly and have bike lanes on every street because it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk.  However, many cities allow and welcome riding on sidewalks.  Do your research and always be careful, because although in most cases you’ll have the right of way, you are always responsible for your own safety.  Follow all laws and regulations, and keep an eye out for car doors that open up into traffic.  This is the leading cause of injuries to bicyclists in my city, Chicago.  A good, simple set of rules for biking can be found at the link posted below.  Be safe and have fun!  You’ll never want to ride in a car again!

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    Depends entirely on a state by state case. What state do you live in?

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    Not in this state, MO.  Laws may vary from state to state or possibly within a state.  I know of none that require licenses, but that doesn’t mean there are none.  Some places may require permits (as opposed to licenses), or restrict bicycles from certain thoroughfares.

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