Do you need any special equipment to charge electric vehicles?



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    Yes, there is some equipment required for charging electric vehicles. Unfortunately, there is not yet a car out there that can plug in to a regular 110v outlet (and most likely never will be. They just aren’t strong enough.) When you purchase an electric vehicle, a home charger will most likely be included in the price. It may require installation in your garage or where ever you plan on charging your car. Some gas stations around the country are also starting to install chargers for electric vehicles. It makes the most sense, however, to charge your car overnight at home so you can have a full charge for a day of driving as it sometimes takes multiple hours to charge an electric vehicle.

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    Unlike what bmalc889 said, there are thousands of electric cars that use regular 110v-120v household outlets. You can even make one yourself that you can charge at home from an old car with a broken-down engine! The “special equipment” is just a charger for the batteries that can be internal or external to the car. Most people who convert their own vehicles like to put the outlet for their charger into the spot where they used to fill their gas tanks. While some people choose to get a fancy charging station, it is not necessary. Although people will tell you that it takes ten hours to charge an electric car, it really only takes ten seconds: five seconds to plug it in before you go to sleep and five seconds to unplug it in the morning.

    Mass-produced electric cars like the Nissan Leaf can also be plugged into a basic wall socket. Nissan calls this method the “trickle charge” instead of just calling it a normal charge like the people who built their own electric cars 30 years ago do. A normal 110v-120v charge is a better option for the future of electric cars charging at night because if everyone plugged their cars into high voltage chargers before going to bed, it might put stress on the power grid at bedtime instead of distributing the demand evenly throughout the whole night.

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