Do you like millet?



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    I’ve personally never had it, but it looks like it’s one of the healthiest whole grains out there!

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    Neither have I, but I find it interesting that research on it and its food value is sorely lacking.

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    I’ve never had it, but I do know a person who has and he loves it. According to, millet is a very healthy grain, and it isn’t just for birds. 

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    I have had millet mixed in with rice and other grains. It was quite tasty all together, though I have never had it by itself.

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    I have had millet mixed into a quinoa salad and it was rather delicious. They contain about 11% protein by weight and are not wheat-based so it is a suitable alternative to wheat for those with gluten allergies. The link below contains a few different recipes for millet-based meals.

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    My answer may be biased since several years of veganism have altered my tongue to find tasty those things that others deem “health food BS”.

    However, that being said, I love millet! I eat it several times a month. The texture is lovely and the protein count impressive, and it has such a lovely taste that’s so different from your run of the mill wheat style grains.

    I have a couple recepies that I can personally reccommend as some of the most delicious things to come out of my kitchen: this awesome couscous (, a FREAKING delicious curry (, and this super-healthtastic passionfruit-flavored millet polenta for dessert (

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    Eating Millet is like having a mexican fiesta exploding rainbows in your mouth. Amazing! Anyone who disagrees obviously has’t had good millet!

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