Do you know what the House of Representatives just passed?

The House of Representatives just passed a measure that, if it goes through the Senate, would mean massive, reckless cuts in funding to numerous environmental programs.

Money for conservation and national parks was slashed hard, with the Land and Water Conservation Fund receiving a whopping 86% cut in funding. Human health is at stake, too. The Environmental Protection Agency took a 30% hit -this is the agency that keeps poisons out of our air and water! A fund to preserve wetlands, which prevent erosion and flooding of the kind that devastated New Orleans, was eliminated entirely.

Funding was also COMPLETELY removed for several programs that combat climate change. These include the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, the Forest Investment Program, the Clean Technology Fund, and NASA’s Climate Services Program. Perhaps most chilling of all, the bill bans the EPA from enacting stricter regulations on carbon dioxide and air quality, and prevents it from restricting or regulating offshore drilling near Alaska.

These aren’t the only cuts. See link for more:

There is a movement for green and eco-conscious living going on right now among the public. How do you feel that the U.S. government thought it was in our interests to cut environmental funding so drastically? And what, if anything, do you plan to do about it?



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    Given the outcome of the 2010 election, are we actually surprised?

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    I second rigibson’s sentiment – conservatives and conservation don’t often correlate. I don’t think the proposed budget will pass the Senate though, and anyway President Obama has already “vowed to veto” it. Though with the spectre of a government shutdown hovering, some compromise seems inevitable. Hopefully cuts to environmental programs will be softened. Writing your congressman or calling your senator to voice concerns are both good first steps, in addition to continuing as an individual to live as sustainably as possible.

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