Do you know if peacocks taste like chicken?



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    I do not, having never eaten one. Word on the street however, is that they taste more like pheasant than chickens. 

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    Peafowl (peacocks are the males and peahens are the females) are related to pheasants and should have a similar flavor.  They are very low fat and high in protein.  I think I remember reading about them being served to royalty in the ancient times as a delicasy. 

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    They are far too beautiful and lovely to eat! I can’t imagine them being cooked :(.

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    It’s been said that peacocks (an insectivore and not a grain feeder like your average chicken or turkey) have a gamier flavor reflective of the grouse and pheasant; however, they are also said to produce a remarkably dry meat which is very difficult to prepare and season. This offers one possible explanation as to why peacock meat (a very popular dish in mideaval Europe) passed out of vogue once turkeys were successfully introduced to the european diet.

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