Do you know if the Cochella Music Festival is doing anything to try and reduce their carbon footprint during their 3 day music festival?



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    Yes, the Coachella Festival in California has been heavily promoting the availability of bus/coach transportation to the festival, and not just this year: the coach program started in 2008 with the specific goal of reducing the festival’s carbon footprint. Additionally, recycling is going to be emphasized. A unique contest called “Get Trashed” is underway right now for designs to adorn recycling bins, not just at the festival itself, but also across southern California, with the prize being free tickets to the festival.

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    Although the festival is organizing carpools and recycling programs, they are seeking to conserve the use of disposable plastic water bottles.  Patrons are allowed to bring in their own reusable water containers, and fill them up for $1.  Although, I wonder if the most sustainable method would be to place water fountains in areas.  The festival will also sell their own souvenir water containers, which might offset the efforts to some extent.

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    Coachella promotes recycling in a big way.  They are very concerned about the number of bottles that are used during the three day in Indio!  Their biggest goal is to help people recycle their water bottles.  They are giving away 1 free water bottle for every 10 bottles that a person recycles.  They program is called Ten for One and is in collaboration with Global Inheritance.

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    I’ve been to Coachella, and the amount of pure trash overflowing from receptacles — especially in the “beer garden” makes me wonder whether or not these efforts are merely lip service.

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    One of the great sustainable attractions that I caught in previous Coachellas was the self powered cell phone charger station. Stationary bikes were put in place, these were then hooked up to charging stations that (once the bikes were operated) would charge cell phones. Another cool installation was the hamster-wheel run DJ booth that operated in a like manner. 

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