Do you know of a fabric recycler in Lake County, Il area?

I have 25 years of mostly grown fabric clothing that I have been attempting to find a way to recycle for years. If I live to be 100 I will still have 100X more fabric than I could hope to repurpose.
These clothing items are NOT suitable for contribution to Goodwill, etc.

Do you know of a fabric recylcler in the Lake County, Illinois area that accepts truly trashed clothing for fabric recycling?



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    There are no listings for fabric recycling in the state of Illinois, however I did find one textile recycling company called USAgain.  It is located in Chicago (not sure where that is in relation to Lake County) but it appears they have a distribution of drop boxes.  Perhaps, if it the company is not close to you you could find someone willing to drop them off, or find (or create) a donation drive to give these worn out textiles a new life.

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