Do you know any examples of green washing that could constitute false advertising?



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    There are plenty of examples in the link below. A couple of these claims include Tyson’s branding of chicken as “natural” which had actually had hormones injected into it, and Herbal Essences shampoo, which contains various chemicals yet promised a “truly organic experience.”

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    Green washing and false advertising seem to go almost hand in hand. Because there are almost zero regulations on labeling organic foods, anything can be labeled natural. It is never a safe bet when buying organically labeled products that they are actually naturally grown. Some easy ways to make sure that you are buying what you want is to read the ingredient lists on foods. Michael Pollan says to only buy foods that have five or less ingredients. The other way is to buy products that are labeled USDA Organic or EPA Organic. If the organic label is attached with a reputable organization then there are standards that need to be met. These standards might not be entirely organic, but you can easily find out what the standards are.

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