do you know any couples who have had problems conceiving a baby?



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    Believe it or not concieving a baby can be a difficult and stressful process for a lot of couples. There are issues at play on both sides that may play a part. There are tests that can be administered to both men and women to determine their fertility and likelihood of having a child together ranging from simple diet, to heredity. There are also numerous methods to increase fertility and chances of conception. I hope these links are helpful.

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    Yes, my parents were unable to concieve a baby.  My mom tried in vitro and was unsuccessful.  They were heartbroken, both of my parents grew up in Irish-Catholic families with a lot of sibilings.  They decided that they wanted to look into adoption, and lo and behold that’s how they got me 19 years ago and my brother 13 years ago.  I am so glad they did too!

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    My aunt and uncle are currently trying to have a baby, and they are still unsuccessful. One of the biggest factors working against them is age, they are both in their early 40’s. Some other factors that can hinder pregnancy are heredity and stress. 

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    Yes, I know a couple from my church growing up that was unable to conceive a baby. They ended up adopting a baby girl from Russia and are extremely happy with her. Sometimes, conceiving can take a long time. Women who have taken birth control may have some difficulty getting pregnant for up to a year because the pill thins the uterine lining and makes it difficult for a fertilized egg to develop. 

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    Yes, I do.  A good friend of mine is having a hard time conceiving, even though her sisters all have more than two children and had no trouble conceiving them.  It is very hard for her and her husband to be surrounded by so many children and yet be unable to have any of their own.

    They are looking into adoption, and it’s a wonderful option for many people.  My aunt and uncle also could not conceive and adopted two children from the Ukraine.  They could not be a happier family!

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