Do you know any breakfast recipes for tomato?

Excluding putting them in an omelet.


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    Many in Europe simply eat tomatoes sliced as a breakfast side dish, like fruit.

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    An English fry up includes tomatoes, which are fried in a skillet with sausage, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, and fried eggs. Very tasty, but on the heavy side.

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    I like the sliced heirloom tomato, with olive oil and salt. It is light, simple and fresh.

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    Gazpacho soup – served cold in the summer, hot in the winter!

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    A quiche can make a good, filling breakfast, and tomato can be a tasty ingredient to include. Here’s a recipe I found for a breakfast quiche that includes tomato:

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    I like tomatoes in my omelettes.

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    you can put tomato in egg.

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    If you like English muffins – and a little bit of ham – this recipe might appeal to you. Pretty basic, and very quick to prepare.

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    I like to chop half a tomato with a quarter of a large onion (brush your teeth after) and mix it together with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then, I put it on toast. If you’re not afraid of bad breath, you can try it with garlic too.

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    You can put a tomato in a smoothie. Make sure to add sweet tasting fruits to mask the acidic taste of tomatoes. You can make tomato juice out of tomatoes and drink it with other foods. You can roast them in the oven and mix it some pasta or whole grains like barley, wheat berries and some seasonings/herbs. You can use the roasted tomatoes and make a quesadilla or breakfast burrito out of them. 

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