Do you have your own green blog or website where you write about your own green experience?



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    Yes! I manage the Surfrider Foundation Jersey Shore Chapter twitter account. Twitter is a great social media outlet for green experiences because it lets me say in a few words what great green things we’re doing with the Chapter and link to more information. It’s a good way to get your point across  if you don’t feel comfortable writing an informative blog because it’s not as in depth or time consuming.

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    In high school my environmental science teacher made us all keep journals to write about as many “green” things that we do in a day. We would then share these with the class at the end of the week. It was really interesting and helpful, since all the other students gave me great ideas on how to be more green. I’m looking into starting up my own blog to recreate this process! 

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    I don’t know if this counts, but my boyfriend has a nature photography blog that he’s starting up. He talks about the experience of being outside and has a few posts about a cross country camping trip he took.

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    I do not have a blog, but I do have an Etsy site where I sell artwork and educate people about environmental issues at the same time. The pieces I am most proud of are here:×10-bamboo-art

    They are invasive insects made out of pressed invasive plants and plant-based eco friendly glue. I found a company that makes photo prints on bamboo paper by using all renewable energy. I also have prints of native species to educate people about those. I also sell these prints on recycled content note cards. I am always looking for more different sustainable media to get my prints put on!

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    I’ve been blogging “green” for over 4 years at simply stephen and loving it.

    I try to talk about consumption, habits and change. The philosophy of green and the solutions available as opposed to the science and fear factor.

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