Do you have to treat organic food any differently?



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    In order for an organic food to be certified organic it must be treated differently during the growing process.  Rather than using genetically engineered crops grown with pesticides and man made fertilizers, they grow produce without fertilizer or pesticides and use green fertilizers and crop rotation to keep the soil enriched in the necessary nutrients.

    As far as once you purchase the vegetable, you do not need to treat it differently.  They are just as good as the regular stuff you buy in the store, just less chemicals.

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    To be honest, I’ve noticed that my organic fruits and veggies wilt far faster than the non-organic.  Since I would rather not have the pesticides in my body I went and bought some tupperware that would keep them fresh in the fridge.  I try to never leave them out, especially if I have eaten half of the tomato.

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