Do you have a problem with testing products on rats since they grow so fast?



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    Yes.  I have a problem with testing on any animal, regardless how quickly it grows.

    Not only is it a cruel practice to test on animals, and we simply do not need this kind of testing method anymore, but if we are using rats to test items for humans, they don’t share our same genetic composition, making them a poor choice.  Their DNA is close to ours, in the way apes are close to ours, but they are still different, so products are going to affect each of us differently.

    In addition, we used to have rats as pets and kept them off and on for about 14 years.  They are too sweet and too fun to use for horrifying experiments.  I always tell people if they enjoy the company of dogs, they will enjoy rats because rats are very similar in personality.  They’re sweet, and outgoing, and very smart.  We don’t like to think of dogs being used for experiments, but for some reason, people still disconnect when it comes to rats, and it’s just heartbreaking that rats don’t fall into the same ‘animal cruelty’ protection laws that other animals are starting to enjoy.

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