Do you have to have feathers to fly?



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    No. Insects’ wings are made of a thin membrane which encases blood filled veins and insects keep afloat with them by their rapid flapping. The muscle contractions used to flap their wings are different than birds as is the material but obviously insects are capable of flight without feathers.

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    Bats are also able to fly by using wings of skin.  Bats wings are essentially the same structurally as human hands, only the skin between the fingers is extended to form wings.  Other mammals like sugar gliders and flying squirrels are able to, “fly”.  Although, it is more like extended gliding from tree to tree. 

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    What’s even more interesting is that there are some birds with feathers that can’t fly! An example would be the ostriches and emus. The ostriches have grown to be so large that they have actually lost the ability to fly. 

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    Flying frogs can “fly” as well. They live primarily in trees and have big webbed feet that catch air when they jump. While this might not be flying in the same way that birds and bats do, the larger webbed frogs like Wallace’s flying frog can glide up to fifty feet.

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