do you have to get blueprints to build an earthship?

I have the books that detail how to build an earthship but they say blueprints cost $5000 and i was wondering if the books are enough to build it or if you have to pay that?



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    It’s vital to get blueprints, unless you are confident in your ability to create your own blueprints.  Although $3000-$5000 is a lot of money, making a mistake could ultimately be more costly.  I would recommend paying for a good set of blueprints because a good foundation is necessary if you want to build a house.  

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    If your books have enough detail to take you through the entire process (and if they’re books, they certainly should), and if you have a fair amount of building experience, then you should be fine. Earthships just refer to a category of houses, and the blueprint may only be for a specific one that might not fit you’re needs. But if the blueprints match what you want to do, and you want to be as confident as possible in your substantial investment, then it could help.

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