do you have a favorite building?



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    Genzyme Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a natural-light lovers’ dream!

    Its natural light enhancement system brings natural light in through a series of roof-mounted heliostats (also known as mirrors) that are completely automated and track the movement of the sun across the sky. The fixed mirrors in turn reflect light to multiple prismatic louvers at the top of the atrium; what results is a diffusion of natural light (rather than a harsh beam) that fills the twelve-story atrium. Inside the atrium, light is reflected all the way to ground level with multiple hanging prismatic mobiles, reflective panels, and a reflective light wall.

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    The Guggenheim in New York by Frank LLoyd Wright is one of my favorites that I’ve been to. Though not very sustainable, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is absolutely beautiful. I think my all time favorite would have to be the Space Needle in Seattle though. Simple, but unique, and well designed for it’s time, plus you get a panoramic view of the area while you eat in the restaurant from it’s revolving floor, absolutely beautiful!

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    There is a house in a ghost town in Nevada that was built out of glass bottles. The bottles were laid on their sides and held together with cement. Some of the bottles were placed in the wall with insects inside of them and you can see the insects today.

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    The Taj Mahal or the Mumtaz Mahal still symbolizes “love”. People from across the globe come here and admire this magnificent monument. No wonder it one of the seven wonder of the world.

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    My favorite building is La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, where I visited on my spring break. Designed by Antonio Gaudi, it is still unfinished. Unfortunately, it was recently the victim of arson, which left the sacristy damaged.

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    I love the Griffiths Observatory and Getty Museum–both located in Los Angeles, CA. They both have incredible views of the city and surrounding areas. Nighttime at the observatory is especially awesome when several high powered telescopes are focused on the nearby planets. 

    File:Griffith observatory.jpg

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    The Arc de Triomphe has always been a beautiful icon located in Paris between the Louvre and the Grand Arche de las Defense. It is a symbol of past conflict and remembrance of fallen soldiers.

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    I think the Sydney Opera House is a beautiful building. It’s also exceptionally nice because it sits on the harbor and near the Sydney harbor bridge.

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