Do you have to change your car a lot to make it run on bio-diesel fuels?



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    It largely depends on what kind of car you have. A car with a diesel engine can use biodiesel with NO modifications, though you will want to get a new fuel filter after about a week or so, since the biodiesel will clean the gunk out of your engine that diesel leaves behind. A car that runs on gasoline will require extensive modifications–you basically have to give it a diesel engine. If you want to run your car on veggie oil (which is even better for the environment than biodiesel, since it requires no processing) you have to modify it so it has a two-stage engine–much like a Toyota Prius that uses gas during stop-and-go traffic and electricity on the highway, a car that runs on veggie oil will use the oil on the highway and the diesel in stop-and-go traffic. If you’re looking for a project, get a diesel car and run it on veggie oil. If you just want to be environmental, run it on biodiesel.

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