Do you have to be Jewish to live on a kibbutz?



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    Nope not any more. In 2008 a Kibbutz accepted an arab-muslim into their realms. Amal Carmiya, an Arab Muslim from Qalansawe, along with four additional families, was accepted as members of Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu. Israel is much more secular than most people think, and likely to be more secular than the US. 

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    A kibbutz means community settlement in Hebrew and started around 1909 before the establishment of the homeland Israel. It is based on the biblical verse “each according to his ability” where everyone does their part for the good of the whole. Children are educated and raised there and often return to their own kibbutz when they settle down with their own families.

    Just after WWII Israel was given to the Jews as their own land. In doing so Israel realized that there were Jews scattered among so many nations and which now spoke many different languages. As a result Israel adopted Hebrew as their chosen language and created kibbutzeem (plural form of kibbutz). Each kibbutz focused on a particular group of Jews such as Hungarian or Polish. As the Jews immigrated to Israel they would come to a kibbutz that spoke their native language and would stay there as they became acclimated and learned Hebrew.

    In the 1970’s there were so few Jews immigrating that the program opened itself up to gentile students who wished to learn Hebrew and live on a kibbutz. This program still exists if you wish to learn more. You would be able to live and experience Israel for virtually no cost except your time and hard work.

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