Do you have any tips for buying solar lights for my garden? (Brand, specs, placement, etc)



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    I bought a dozen small solar lights for myself and family. These are the ones with a single solar cell about 1 1/2 inches square, and one small bulb. Inside there’s a single AA battery to hold charge. They cost a couple dollars each.

    It does take some significant sunlight to charge them during the day, but if they get that, it’s easily enough to last into the early night hours.

    People seem to be generally happy with them, the major use has been augmenting existing electrical lighting, by illuminating pathways. Given that they seem to be most popular on pathways, the ones with a dappled effect seem to be the most effective at marking the way. Ones that give a uniform light, such as might be used for reading, are quite hard to distinguish from the other ambient light.

    I’d say the dappled, irregular light is a very effective choice midpoint between uniform light, and something extreme such as flashing lights or reflective tape.

    My only concern is that if they are tipped over — say by an animal — then rained upon, there’s fire hazard. These lights definitely want to be firmly planted in the ground.

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