Do you have any green resolutions for 2010?

I recently had a home energy audit and my resolution this year is to make my home more energy efficient. What is your green resolution for 2010?



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    Yes. I am going to start using my bike to get around more and remember to bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store.

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      Awesome! I need to dust off my bike, too. Thanks for that reminder. I absolutely love using my totes at the grocery store. It takes a while to remember to take them but once you get into the habit, it’s so much better. Happy New Years!

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    I agree with ssaran. I have a stack of cloth bags I never remember to take to the grocery store. My green resolution is to keep some in my car and some by my front door. That way if I walk or drive, I will always have reusable bags at the ready.

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    This is a tough one because it won’t even come into play until the late spring/summer… But my green resolution is to turn off the pilot light on my gas heater after the weather warms up. This year I let it burn all summer and I figure that must have been a huge waste of natural gas.

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    I want to start using e-bills instead of getting paper statements. I know it is a little bit of a greenwash since companies push you to e-bills claiming they are “green” but in reality they are probably doing it just to save money on printing and postage. But I still feel there is a tremendous amount of paper and resources that are wasted from the hundreds of paper bills I get in the mail each year. Now if I could just figure out how stop all that junk mail! 🙁

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    My green resolution is to incorporate my workout into my commute to school and back.  I will bike to school instead of taking my car and hopefully this will be enough additional exercise to reduce a few of my car trips to the gym as well.   

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    I would like to get on a no junkmail list not only am I tired of having my mailbox filled up with useless mail but I am  tired of wasting all of that paper. I definitely want to get a road bike and start riding it instead of going to the gym.

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