Do you get paid for recycling batteries?



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    There is not a lot of money out there for recycling batteries.  For standard household “Heavy Duty” and Alkaline batteries, many companies will provide you with a pre-paid box to mail your batteries for recycling, which doesn’t earn you money, but saves you time.  You can get more info by visiting: or

    You can make money from recycling auto batteries by selling them to a metal scrap yard, but your in for a bit of work.  At you can get a checklist and suggestions for the process, but you will have to have a place to safely store the batteries and get in contact with a scrapping facility in your area, and if you can’t find one you will still have to dispose of the batteries elsewhere.

    Either way, you need to safely dispose of the batteries because there are many harmful chemicals inside. Many states have made it illegal to throw batteries away in the trash.  California did so in 2006, but they also require any retailer who sells batteries to take back and recycle spent batteries at no charge to the customer.


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