Do you get more miles to the gallon of you burn propane in your car instead of gasoline?



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    The miles per gallon are about the same for a vehicle converted to run on liquid propane (LP); however, the cost per gallon is less by about 15% or LP as oppose to regular fuel (gas). LP is really great though. If you can change your car to be able to run on LP, then the benefits include lower air emissions–the air won’t be as polluted, by about 70% less pollution–, not “foul your car’s plugs, ruin its valves, contaminate its oil, wash down its cylinder walls and rings, or burn out its muffler.”

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    No, the miles per gallon and engine performance for normal gasoline and liquid propane are about the same. However, there are many advantages to converting to LP. For one, the cost on average price for propane is at around 50% less than regular gasoline. LP is also easier on your engine as there is no buildup and the spark plugs in your car will breathe easier. 

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    it would be wise for people to at least check prices before talk about %%%% i mean 50% is a huge ### even 15 %%%% its big just to give you an idea of how misslead they are check this out right now  on the east coast gas prices are at around  $3.55 dlls and propane is holding steady at 3.37+ the inconvineance add that up it will surely be more than 3.55 or even 4.00

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