Do you get better gas mileage with leaded or unleaded gasoline?



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    Leaded gasoline was considered valuable for its ability to boost energy levels and suppress preignition. It all started in the 1920s when the United States Navy added tetra ethyl lead (TEL) to their aircraft carrier fuel supplies in hopes of increasing their compression ratios — and it worked. Simply put, the difference between leaded and unleaded gasoline is that leaded gasolines have been mixed with a compound of lead. Leaded gas was eventually phased out due to environmental and safety reasons (leaded fuel was banned for sale in the United States in 1996). 


    As for mileage efficiency — 


    leaded gasoline can have several negative effects in engines:


    • Loss of power
    • Deposits of lead in engine and muffler
      • While lead deposits may protect some parts of some very old cars, they are generally considered to be harmful
    • Degradation of catalytic converter (all new cars since 1975 are manufactured with catalytic converters)

    With these facts in mind, one could surmise that leaded gasoline is by and large an inferior choice when it comes to efficiency.


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