Do you feel confident enough to invest in green business?



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    The better question right now might be if anyone feels confident to invest in ANY businesses. Theoretically, if I had any money to invest, I would still hold onto it for a little while for the time being until the economy was doing better in general. If I were to make any investments, the green sector seems like a good area where there might be the possibility of major growth, but since the economy in general isn’t doing much growing right now it doesn’t seem like the best idea. On the other hand, things ARE getting better, and it might be more expensive to make similar investments later when it might be “safe”. Like I said, I don’t have any money anyway, so I guess it’s a moot point.

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    I would counter that yes, and I feel confident to invest period. Although, as wonderflan mentions, it may not be wise to use what little money many of us have to invest, but at the same time, one of the main ways to recover in a “capitalist” economy is to put money back into the “capitalist” economy. Prices are at historical lows, at least they were when I bought many of my stocks earlier this year, and it is reported that many of us will never see such bargains as we are seeing now. I also am very, very poor as an AmeriCorps volunteer, but you won’t see me selling off any of the few stocks (including businesses focused on metal recycling, food waste recycling, green energy, general environmental services, and an alternative energy ETF) that I have any time soon. As poor as I am, I would take my money out if I felt the risk was greater than my potential return.

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