do you ever wonder if theres something the people of this world can stop children and kids such as teenagers stop them from running away or being out on the streets with no parents and having to raise themselves?



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    I think having a tight knit community would help prevent these types of things.  In some ways small towns where everybody knows everybody can be difficult, but possibly beneficial for children.  I think it takes an entire community to raise a child, but when communities are as disconnected as they are now, it is easier for these types of things to slip through the cracks.  I am sure there are many different reasons a child might run away, but a tighter knit community may help both the parents and children lead more satisfying lives.

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    I currently live in Los Angeles and we have a huge problem with homeless youth.  In LA it is for many different reasons as most cities we have

    Kids who come for the entertainment industry

    Kids who ran away from home because they are gay

    Kids who come to LA for the weather (its easier to stay alive in a warm city that one that has winter) 

    In LA we have the Los Angeles Youth Network.  It is a LONG-TERM shelter.  So instead of taking kids in and then spitting them out the next morning go start hustling again, they take them in for their entire childhood/teen years, create a family, send them to school, and send them to college, and help them get jobs.

    it is a great organization 

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    I think when people are understanding, patient and kind…to everyone…. it fosters a better community and helps strangers to know they’re valued.  Instead of having attitudes over misunderstood fashion expression or behavioral rebellion, be patient and kind and let the person know that no matter what…..they’re an individual with unique greatness.  Less people would feel compelled to runaway and/or hide.  For those who are already abandoned without a family, just being surrounded by people who care and share would help them stay on their feet and in an environment where they can progress.

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