do you ever think americas history has more history than what is is now ..

like do u ever stop to think theres more to americas history and someone or something is keepin it so we dont know about it



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    As far as what information could possibly be classified by the government, there is no telling what could be inconsistent with what we learn about American history. We may never know what secrets people have kept over time, but we can fight being ignorant of our true history by educating ourselves.

    History books that are used for K-12 students are often edited to portray a more positive role of Americans in history. Recently there has been opposition to the Texas Education Board, who has voted to offer textbooks that are very selective in what is included to portray America in a very positive light.

    The curriculum does not include Thomas Jefferson (who coined separation of church and state) and skims over slavery and the Civil Rights movement. Ethnic minorities are not given significant coverage as historical figures and Confederate Civil War leaders are recognized for shaping our nation.

    This type of propaganda has been used around the world throughout history to make citizens more supportive of their government. To learn more about history that is not taught in schools and thus is not widely known, check a library to read up on different sources for American history.  Try starting with Lies my Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen.

    A way to keep a broad perspective of current events is by reading news from other countries online to supplement your daily news consumption.

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    I think intention aside, there is always a different truth than what we’re presented.  Whether it’s changed on purpose or not, everything in the world seems to be a game of telephone because everyone has different perspectives and perceives things differently.  You can see that happen in a simple conversation with someone who hears things different than what they were said, then passes it on to another person, essentially believing it’s truth but it ends up being a false truth.


    The past does not matter so much as the moment now.  It’s fascinating to put the puzzle pieces together but accuracy is not really common.

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