Do you drive a hybrid?


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    No, I do not drive a hybrid; however, the next auto I plan on purchasing will be a hybrid, just not the Prius.  I am looking forward to Honda’s upcoming release of the Hybrid CR-Z and I think that might be one of my top three hybrids on my list to choose from.

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    I also do not currently drive a hybrid, although my current car is a hand-me-down (do you think that this is green behavior because it saves all of the materials and energy needed to make a new car?) When I do have to buy another car, I will consider a hybrid.

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    I am glad to see more and more car choices that are hybrids. While I do not currently drive a hybrid, it will likely be my next car. I hope that is in many years from now, as I walk and bike as my primary forms of transportation and do not put many miles on my current car.

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    I believe hybrid technology has not reached a level of cost efficiency at which I am currently able to indulge in, but it is encouraging to see alternatives on the market and technologies which will make them more accessible in days to come.

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    My family recently bought an SUV hybrid, but not a toyota prius. It is supposed to have around 27 to 32 mph average gas mileage, but it’s pretty difficult to stay in that range, even when I was testing it and driving really conservatively on the freeway and local roads. Maybe it is because it’s an SUV or the 2 engine systems are not as efficient as a engines on a prius. I do constantly check tire pressure and drive without too much acceleration or power in order to stay electric mode. Hybrids are a great alternative, but it is important to maintain a conservative speed to have the best mileage possible. 

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    I do not drive a hybrid but I would like to purchase one the next time I buy I car. Right now I drive a modest older Toyota that gets great gas milage, and I’m trying not to be wasteful by using it for as long as I can before upgrading to a new car. 

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    I don’t drive a hybrid car, but eventually I would like to switch to a Toyota Prius. 

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    I do not own a hybrid and I think there are many reasons why most people still feel more comfortable purchasing traditional combustion engines. The first is the expense–hybrids are usually $2,000 -$5,000 more than a non-hybrid version due to higher production costs. Also hybrids are, in most cases, much heavier than traditional autos which tends to play a role in how a hybrid handles. I found the handling to be sub-par. And what about servicing the vehicle? It is pretty convenient to find a garage that will work on your combustion engine, but bring your hybrid to some auto shops and the mechanic will simply scratch his head and send you on your way. 

    I think hybrid cars are the future of the auto industry, but I don’t think it will go mainstream until these issues are addressed.

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    I wish I did! I can’t afford one right now, but I want the next car I buy to be a hybrid. Katyr brings up a good point about buying used cars being a green practice – I’ve never thought about it that way but I’d agree that buying used cars is a green alternative, since it saves materials and cost to make a new car. As long as the car doesn’t get horrible gas mileage, I’d say used cars are green because otherwise, maybe they’d go to the junkyard. Buying used cars is cheaper anyway, since the value of new cars declines sharply after buying them.

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    I do not drive a hybrid or any car at all – but if I were to buy a car, it would absolutely be a hybrid or some other type of green car, like an electric car. I’ve looked into purchasing a Nissan Leaf.

    My uncle is an environmental judge and he drives exclusively hybrid cars.

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