Do you consume more fuel if you drive slowly?



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    “Not too fast, not too slow,” that’s what I always say. My father taught me to “feather” the gas pedal, which means applying light pressure to make for smooth accelerations and zero waste of fuel. You consume more fuel when you are running a car’s engine at higher RPMs, but you could have the car out of gear and run the engine at very high RPMs and not be going anywhere at all—so it’s not necessarily how fast you are going that dictates how much fuel you are using—it’s how much you are giving gas to the engine, which you control with the gas pedal or the accelerator. Keep the RPMs steady around 1500-3000 depending on the type of engine when accelerating if you want to use less fuel (pollute less). It is actually possible to drive and be moving quite quickly with the engine of the car completely turned off—no fuel is consumed whatsoever if the engine is turned off. In the future cars will know how to accelerate as much as they need to and then let gravity and momentum take over when the engine is not needed (there will be automatic shutoffs for increased efficiency, less wasteful needless pollution, and additional fuel savings). Hybrid cars already know when to do this… we’re not to far off. It will be done.

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