do you consider yourself an environmentalist?



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    I do not consider myself an environmentalist, although by definition, my concern for environmental conservation and improvement couple with my actions would allow me to fit into this classification. However, I consider myself a green consultant and sustainability advocate. I believe environmentalists are more involved than I am solely in the lobbying and pressing for environmental reform.

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    I don’t consider myself an environmentalist, but I do think I do my share in helping make this planet a healthier one. In my everyday life I try to do the right thing for the environment, by walking and riding my bike more often, buying organic foods form local markets, educating the community on smarter choices, etc.

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    I think environmentalist has a bad stigma attached to it that most people don’t want to be associated with. I don’t think I fall into any label, rather, I think we should all be concerned with the health of each other and the planet as a responsibility as stewards of the earth.

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    For me, I feel like I need to have a job or career that is actively involved with an environmental issue in order to be considered an environmentalist. Or, I feel like I would need to be helping set environmental standards or actively speaking, writing, or otherwise promoting environmental issues. While I feel very strongly about conservation, local farming, and reducing my waste, I do not feel like I can call myself an environmentalist.

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    I consider myself someone who is doing everything I can to help the environment. I recycle and walk to as many places as I can. I turn off the lights when I leave the room and do not run excess water. I am working on a project in Panama to involve local people in the protection of the rainforest. However, I do not feel there is a title to fit what I do. I would like to think that all people would do at least something towards being an “environmentalist” whether it be ride a bike to work or school or recycle.

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    I do not consider myself an environmentalist, only because I think the term comes along with a certain perception that can at times be negative.  I care about the environment, and have concern for it, but you won’t find me forcing my ideas on other people.  There are certain choices that I make in my life that have environmental traits, but that does not necessarily make me an environmentalist.

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    As I’m not lobbying on Capitol Hill or leading a significant branch of the modern environmental movement, I’d shy away from calling myself an environmentalist.  By principal, however, I suppose I am because I believe in and support the principles of conservation and protection of the environment that define the core values of the movement.  

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    Unlike the others who have answered this before me, I absolutely consider myself an environmentalist.  Even though I’m not on Capitol Hill lobbying myself, I am always trying to impact environmental policies in any way I can. I sign petitions; I call my representatives and senators; I attend rallies like Power Shift.

    More than that, though, I feel like it is just part of my identity.  I’m concerned about the environment, I advocate for it, and I live my daily life in a way which reduces my personal impact on the environment.  This, in my opinion, makes me an environmentalist.

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