Do you buy cardboard boxes?



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    You can certainly buy cardboard boxes. There are places online or stores like Staples that will sell them to you.  But a much easier and cheaper way to get cardboard boxes is to simply find some cardboard-only dumpsters and take used cardboard boxes out of those. Large stores like grocery stores, co-ops, walmart, etc. would probably have large dumpsters like these that you could find a large quantity of various sized boxes.

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    You can also get cardboard boxes from your employer.  Many companies receive shipments of office supplies, food, beverages and other items and have no use for the boxes once the order is unpacked.  You would be doing them a favor taking the boxes off their hands as opposed to the company paying to have the boxes removed.

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    Typically, no. I usually save the boxes I get from purchases (i.e. online orders, shoeboxes) and keep them if I think I can reuse them. Plus, many stores will give you free cardboard boxes if you ask them. However, the only time I did actually buy cardboard boxes was when I needed them to put stuff in when I was coming back home from college one year.

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