Do you blood carried away by this?

Sitting courtside fans as well as players in the field of play,nfl jerseys wholesale, in fact, did not feel anything unusual in Case up just think he particularly excited about tonight, he was red in the face, heavy breathing, sometimes shouting, sometimes light breath. May be too intense defense made him tired, everyone knows that defensive Duncan is not easy to stay alive.

While Duncan frown Ningmu. A look of distress, to scold and swing the body in people’s opinion only Shifo tonight mentality of some imbalance, although this is very special, but to be a nobody anti into mental balance and then the inevitable, so Duncan every expression to all the signal just that he was very unhappy, and he is very disappointed, the results sounded fans at the Staples Center with the adaptation of “Hotel California” California heavy artillery.

But this is all in the eyes of Lindsay – Lohan and Hilary – Duff is another matter. Their understanding of basketball is definitely not high enough to be able to comprehend the defensive charm realm, and they know Case eat aphrodisiac. So Case blurred eyes, mouth slightly open, sometimes spit out the tongue, as well as his behind Duncan twist the lower body, so that the two girls stomach acid flood.

Look makes a basketball game like the one in the eyes of the two girl suffering from epilepsy director Duncan kind of insulted and prejudice the crazy gay film shooting.

“I could not stand it!” Lindsay – Lohan almost closed his eyes.

“Oh my God, that guy near Snoopy!” Hillary – Duff Di Hu Road.

“No, no, do not …… yeah!” Two girls whispered pray for the puppy,wholesale jerseys china ,see Keith Duncan land back around, they was relieved.

“Fuck, again!” Duncan is now almost not close to Keith, his cowardly performance exacerbated Lakers fans loved California heavy artillery, the hymn one after another.

“His best actor tonight!” Snoopy a little lost, because most of the time here are singing the praises of his, of course, there is Kobe Bryant.

“Honey, come on, you’re the best, I love you! Well ah!” Accompanied by the cheers of the fans,

The tune sat on the sidelines watching Barbie – Lynch began tits. Now good team to give him a piece of complimentary tickets, so Kathy invited to the Friends of the bed Barbie, of course, because that sex with men do not like to see basketball. Barbie – Lynch is very dissatisfied on Case This put her in the second practice, so last night there would be no sex and Keith, and hesitated for a long time before they came to the Staples Center. Of course. Than hesitation reasons but also because she is a dancer, identity as inferior to the Lakers family, and she took A piece many people have seen, when Case smoothly into the NBA and a firm foot in the Lakers: u

Because of these ideas, so even if she was sitting on the sidelines has been deliberately low-key, even Keith never noticed her to.

But when the people in the gym began to eat aphrodisiac Case cheering this girl could bear, nfl throwback jerseys, she cried to the addition to express the emotions of the heart to want to let people know she is the woman of Case to know that any woman has a vanity.

“Barbie is coming!” Case hearing actually so sensitive. Actually hear the noisy sound than the cries she kiss sound, although he did not see the person, but his play since has been Duncan back and imagine Barbie ground naked, and he slept many Woman in. Succulent dancers to his feelings.

So Barbie kiss the sound becomes Jiaochuan, moan, scream echoed in the AV male mind, he places little brother hard for over an hour, is probably needed this kind of stimulation, he now finally understand their last night not Barbie Heixiu. So today they are so (sorry, the guy you thought wrong)

So, when Snoopy not in the third, Duncan ass down fierce sitting protection rebounds, Keith also Pinmingdiwang first one, then the rod Tieqiang flow on, and then are like a current through the general … The … AV male orgasm.

“Bang!” The ball in the basket and playing a bit toward the direction of the Duncan off the go, but Stone Buddha actually no reaction watched Snoopy that rebounds through the other side to grab in his arms and direct reflexive the ball coming down the basket ……

“Tim is how it?” Spurs places players for Duncan’s abnormal jerseys from china,I saw Duncan stayed standing there, Case also paste in behind him, his face showing a satisfied expression, and that moment as if the heavens and the earth into a stationary state.

“This will not …” Lindsay – Lohan surprised to hand over his mouth, Duff twisted too far, the whole stadium is perhaps the only four people know what happened, both in the field, two presence .

In fact, the kind of quiet state did not last long, bouncing the ball in the basket at the same time. Duncan felt behind the heat flow, time and time again. Until the end of the Snoopy dunk … Case – President Germany and Duncan did not pierce the chrysanthemum, but he what, stone only feel fall in the icehouse, how he can … “nausea, resentful, rage sinking experienced grow in the storms of the heart, and an evil flowers are blooming.

This time Case slightly awake a little, but he said that one should not put it to words, and after the tone with comfortable, “baby, I think I should change pants!”

“His mother you son of a bitch, you bitch!” Duncan anger, unprecedented anger, he suddenly grabbed Case – President De Kujiao all exclaimed, a cross fell to AV male prostrate , that power is so great, even the piece shorts tear to the knees Case, Case flew out screams taxiing on the ground, at the same time the rod has not been weak gun catapult up … …

Wow oh wow oh wow oh … oh.d! “Suddenly Staples Center sounded frightened call, suddenly hit the earth like a Martian. Cheap coach purses, All the ladies hide their faces shouting, Lindsay & # Lohan and Hilary – Duff is clasped to scream, “We will go to hell!”

Duncan apparently out of anger, so many years into the line for the first time, after he fell Case suddenly sprang to him, but fortunately Uncle Horry agile one he takes, then Spurs and Lakers players in Duncan and Case between build a human wall, everybody screaming, shoving the referee’s whistle, a full downtown over two minutes before the incident settles down. Case dingy Tizhaokuzi a look of horror, as if just awakened nightmare …



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