Do you believe the wolf is a problem? Vote yes or no.



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    Personally, no, but then I’m a big wolf fan! There was an interesting interview on PBS, highlighting the issue of wolves from a rancher’s perspective. In it, this particular rancher explains that although he understands and respects the endangered nature of wolves, the issue isn’t as black-and-white as it’s often made out. For instance, he spoke on the shifting nature of the environmentalist-rancher relationship, explaining that ranchers kept lots of land open that would otherwise have become apartments or strip-malls, which is good for the wolves. If you’re interested, the link is below:

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    No – but I don’t really believe that animals are inherently a problem.  I understand the ranchers side of the issue however, as they invest time, money and effort into raising livestock that is then destroyed or injured by a predator.  I think there has to be some consensus by all parties as to how to manage cattle, shepp or whatever on your land and how to allow for natural predators on the rest.  The link below has an interesting perspective on positive reinforcement rather than paying ranchers for lost livestock – it might start another conversation.

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    I would vote no as well. I think there is a problem right now because of wolves, but I would blame the problem on Humans more than any animal. Because we have been taking up their natural areas and wild lands I blame us. Every environmental problem can be traced back to humans. Wolves are eating other animals because we took their resources and their space.

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    Wolves themselves are not a problem, as they are an important part of the food chain and keep the number of herbivores in check. Wolves would always be eating other animals, even if we didn’t take up their space. The fact of the matter is that as humanity encroaches on wolf habitats, wolves may be tempted to eat animals that humans own. Although there is no single solution to this issue, I would say that restoring wolf habitat would be a good idea, along with additional security measures for livestock farmers such as wolf-targeted fencing, guarding and herding animals, livestock carcass removal, and night penning. 

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    While I don’t believe that wolves are a problem, a few states in 2009 made it legal to hunt the gray wolf. The gray wolf was recently taken off of the endangered species list. Ranchers and farmers in these states have their livestock threatened by gray wolves, so hunting them is a way to protect their way of life. These ranchers and farmers would probably vote “yes” to your question.

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