Do you believe the U.S. needs to put more emphasis on scientific and engineering careers (ie., like Germany and Japan) in order to be globally successful?



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    Yes, I believe this is true. We need to put more empasis on intellectualism (instead of look, sex, physical strength, and violence) and focus on peace-keeping. Period. I also think we need to re-evaluate our ways of doing things in schools—we waste so much in the way of resources (recycling programs are rare in public schools) it’s not even funny. But for us to be globally successful we have to continue to push the envellope of science and explore new green technologies (such as alternative energy and atmospheric stabilization and filtering) which will provide us with solutions to the myriad problems of waste, pollution, and misplaced resource allocation.

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    Yes.  The world is becoming an increasingly technologically oriented, and the U.S. as a country needs to be able to compete.  This doesn’t mean that we should ignore the arts.  The arts (English, History, Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine Arts, etc.) are always the first programs to be cut in schools.  I know this firsthand from being in college and having the entire Theatre Department cut because of budget problems.  We shouldn’t put so much of an emphasis on the sciences that we neglect liberal arts.  

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    Yes. However, I believe that in order to create a lot of jobs we need to train every single person in the scientific and engineering fields. We can not simply have an elite group of individual understand this technology. It has to be taught in every high school and with every major. Our society is starting to have a large disparity between knowledgeable and stupid. 

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