Do you believe that the population of the world is too great?



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    Yes, i read somewhere years ago that the planet can comfortably sustain about 5 billion people. last I checked the world population is 6.2 billion. 

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    I think that the planet has too many people to live the lifestyle of the average American.  To live with the luxurious lifestyle and wasteful practices we do, there would need to be multiple earths to sustain that much life.  If we all want to live a primitive life style with few luxuries, then we can support a large population.  If we want to continue the luxuries we possess then the population is already too high.  In the article I attached it states that there are “several possible scenarios for the 22nd century: A planet with 2 billion people thriving in harmony with the environment; or, at the other extreme, 12 billion miserable humans suffering a difficult life with limited resources and widespread famine. ”  Their idea is that the population should be around the 2 billion mark which would need a lot of negative population growth.  This is a trend that normally develops in fully industrialized nations, so there is some hope.  

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    Yes, and our population will only grow over time.  There are famines, droughts and cramped, unsanitary living areas all over the world.  We are putting an enormous strain on our planet by our shear numbers alone.  This doesn’t mean that we need to start limiting how many kids people can have, it just means that we need to be aware of the precarious situation we find ourselves in.  We need to find ways to globally reduce the impact humans have on the earth by finding renewable sources of everything we use.  

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    Yes definitely. The earth can not sustain development of human beings at this pace and we will be wiped out in due time. Global warming is earth’s way of restore our population and/or killing us off. 

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