Do you believe people are a form of pollution? If so, do you believe we need stricter population control tactics?



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    I never thought about this before, but I feel it’s a tough question to answer as it gets into ethics and morals. People may not be a form of pollution, but they do contribute heavily to it. Stricter population controls could certainly limit the amount of people adding pollution and taking away resources. But on the other hand, people shouldn’t really be told how many children they are allowed to have. Personally, I believe that we don’t need stricter population control, at least not yet.

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    Great question! Like phillius said, I don’t think people are a form of pollution, but they certainly cause a lot of it. As far as population control goes, more policies might be more heavily enforced for future generations, for now though it’s not really a major concern. China, however, has a one-child policy that they encourage amoung its citizens.

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