Do you agree with the phrase “think global, buy local?”


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    I do, to a point.  Buying local can reduce the products’ carbon footprints, provided that they are also sourced locally.

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    I do agree with the phrase because change starts small and then expands to a larger degree, so I think starting environmentally-friendly projects, etc locally is very important for further progress in the future. 

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    Balance.  Yes, when products are available locally and globally you benefit the overall good by purchasing locally.  However, if you were to adopt the slogan to an extreme, we would move away from unity and move deeper into seclusion.  Not everything is available in all areas, and when it’s possible to expand opportunity by working with other regions then absolutely it should be ventured.  They key is to do it efficiently, not needlessly.

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    I do favor buying locally if it is available, for example with produce.  I feel that you can often find fresh, cheaper produce available from the local farmer’s markets than at the grocery store.  This also benefits the environment in that it does not have to be trucked across the country.  However, large chains such as Target and Wal-Mart are actually quite efficient in transporting numerous goods across the country, and in some respects, have probably made our trips to get a hair cut, buy dog food and pick up a gallon of milk more green.  Not only because we don’t have to go to a salon, pet store and grocery store, but because they have made efforts to green their practices as well.  So, maybe the phrase should be “compare globally and locally, buy appropriately”.

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    I always thought the term meant buy locally, and support you local community, but also remember that you have a responsibility to help preserve the world globally. 

    Basically help locally through supporting businesses, and help globally by watching your environmental footprint. 

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    I really like buying locally, but America farmers are subsidized by the federal government to compete on the global scale. The poor or “proletariat” countries have a very difficult time competing with the American farmers and must lower their prices tremendously. However, when they lower their price, they are not supported by their government, who do not have the financial capability to do so. I believe that Americans should buy globally in order to help nations that need the income more than us. These specific countries must be researched to make sure the money is actually going to the laborers.  

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    I completely agree with this statement.  It is vital to keep an open mind regarding global issues, and to stay informed to the best of your ability.  It’s also very important to the environment to buy local products and food.  Buying local cuts down on transportation (GHGs), and local stores usually offer healthier alternatives to chain grocery stores.  It helps the consumer, the economy and the environment to buy local. 

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    I think it’s a great starting point, and a good touchstone for environmentally-friendly action. It’s simple enough to allow for extrapolation into many areas: “think global, buy local groceries” is one, but it could just as easily be “think global, buy local index cards/clothes/candles”. Especially given the recession, supporting local business and producers makes a lot of sense, both in fiscal and environmental terms.

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    Yes. Organic fruits and vegetables from Europe will have a larger environmental footprint and will lose more nutrients from the stress of travel verses local foods. In addition, local foods support local businesses and support local economies. I always like to support local businesses over chains as well. I think it is refreshing to get something unique and to go into a store that is different from all the others. I think it adds more culture to an area and makes it more attractive. 

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    I like this phrase! It is a simple way of conveying the need to support our local communities and keep them sustainable. My brother drove semi-trucks for two years and alot of what he hauled was groceries. He would tell me that the produce and meat are gased to last longer and to keep a fresher appearance, but in actuality, by the time it gets to the store, it’s almost gone bad. I can’t tell you how much bad produce I’ve come across from large corporate grocery chains like Walmart. When you buy local, you are killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you know your food is fresh, but you also know that you saved the atmosphere alot of unecessary greenhouse gas emissions by the fact that it didn’t have to be hauled for days by a truck.

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