Do you agree with the new children’s advertising law?

Cut down junk food advertising, increase healthy food ads for kids. Use characters for healthy foods.




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    I think that advertising and marketing contribute greatly to children’s obsession with junk food – kids see a product advertised on TV and assume that they want or need to have it because all the “cool kids” have it, whether the ad makes those statements or not. Kids aren’t old enough or aware enough to make their own decisions about food, and they are more likely to listen to advertisers’ opinions than their parents’.

    That being said, though, there seems to be a parents vs. advertisers dichotomy in which parents are the “bad guys” for saying no to junk food. Parents often don’t regulate their child’s intake of junk food, and often give in to their child’s demands, making parents’ actions a problem that needs to be solved as well. 

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    I think any step toward cutting down on childhood (or adult, for that matter) obesity and getting people to live healthier, active lifestyles is a great idea! I am glad to see fast food restaurants not being able to offer toys with unhealthy, fat loaded “happy meals”. I am also VERY happy to see schools offer healthier lunches, even to children who are on the reduced or free lunch program. Often these children are the ones who need a nutritious meal the most, since they may not always be able to afford the healthier (often more expensive) option.

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