Do x-rays use a lot of energy?



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    On the electromagnetic spectrum, hard x-rays are the second most energetic wave after gamma rays. So, relative to visible light, x-rays require a lot of energy. You might be asking about x-ray machines, which are also quite energetically costly because they are producing these high energy waves, not to mention x-rays are developed on x-ray fllm sheets, which require toner, ink, water, printers, etc. Although I’m not sure how much energy an x-ray machine utilizes, this article about the digitization of x-ray imaging states that digitization “has the potential to reduce energy consumption by 4,300 kWh or 78%”. If this is referring to energy reduction through elimination of analog film and associated materials for one x-ray machine, that means the x-ray machine itself requires about 1,213 kWh (a year, presumably), which is the remaining 22% of the figure mentioned in the quote. If I tell you that the average household in the States uses about 10,000 kWh a year, you can get an idea of the kind of energy an x-ray machine requires, relatively.

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