Do wooden cutting boards have varnish on them?



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    Most sources advise against applying a varnish to a wooden surface on which food will be prepared. 

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    Sometimes they do, but the ones I’ve purchased definitely did not have varnish on them! I wouldn’t want to eat off of something with varnish on it…

    Many people recommend oiling the board to keep it from getting stained, odorous, or moldy. You’ll want to saturate the board and wipe the oil into the grain of the board. Some oils commonly used are pure mineral oil, walnut oil, and other natural waxes and oils.

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    Oil is defatinely a good way to preserve a cutting board. Plain vegetable oils works, in addition to the other oils mentioned above.

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    No, typically they have oil on them. The best way to keep your wood cutting board in great shape is to oil it regularly. I use mineral oil. It conditions the wood and it also suffocates certain types of bacteria.

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