Do women poach animals as well?



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    Yes. Poaching is a problem that occurs worldwide, regardless of gender, race, and ethnicity.

    Some measures we can take to resolve the poaching problem is by learning to identify poaching offences in your state or province, reporting poaching to your local wildlife enforcement officer, the local poaching hotline or to the state, provincial, or federal conservation authorities, talking to your friends and children about the value of wildlife and the threat posed by poaching, refusing to purchase products that you suspect have been made from illegally obtained wild animals, and encouraging effective wildlife legislation.

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    I was unable to find any specific information on this subject. I do imagine though that poaching is the sort of crime that would transcend gender as it is mainly rooted in the end result of making money, which is certainly not gender specific. 

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    I think it it’s probably unusual but not impossible. It seems that most countries that poaching occurs in are the types of countries that don’t consider women of capable of doing equal work as men. Poaching would be a ‘man’s job’ and women probably would be looked down on.

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