Do whales have gills?



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    No, whales don’t have gills. It would be inefficient for them to take in water. Water has about 2.5% of the oxygen that air does, so it’s much easier for them to breathe by using a blowhole.

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    No, whales do not have gills.  Gills are used to breathe, and whales do not breathe water.  Thus, the blowhole.

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    No.  They have lungs, and use blowholes to breathe.

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    No, whales, along with dolphins, are mammals just like we are! They use lungs to breathe which is why they must come to the surface and cannot stay completely submerged as other ocean dwellers can. Their bodies are however more adapted for diving and their blood can hold much more oxygen than a human’s. The sperm whale can hold its breath for the longest and it has been reported to be anywhere from one hour to 3 hours at a time!

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